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Dashcams for Driving Instructors

Extra protection and advanced teaching technology

Dashcams can be an invaluable tool for driving instructors. They give you protection and evidence in the event of an accident that wasn’t your student’s fault, and they record footage that can be used for both marketing and educational purposes.

Not all dashcams are created equal though. Blackvue produce a range of dashcams that are particularly well suited to driving instructors and the unique demands of your job.


Crystal-Clear HD footage

Dashcam videos are a fantastic teaching tool and make great marketing material for driving instructors. Blackvue cameras record continuously in full HD for crisp, usable footage. Front cameras (select models only) have a super-smooth frame rate of 60fps, for pin-sharp details and reduced motion blur, even at speed.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, Blackvue dashcams built-in impact sensing technology detects the collision and automatically saves and marks the footage.

Advanced Sony STARVIS technology provides superior footage even in low light conditions, so you’ll still be able to record and use footage from those all-important nighttime driving lessons.

Real-time playback

The built-in WiFi and Cloud capability on all of these models lets you instantly save footage to the cloud, and access immediately on your phone through the Blackvue app.

When a pupil makes a mistake, you can simply pull over, get out your phone, and show them exactly where and how they went wrong. It’s a fantastic way of giving instant, constructive feedback, and helping your students become better drivers.

Speed and location data

GPS capability (add on module or built-in, dependent on model) adds detailed positioning and speed data to your footage, helping you keep a better track of students’ driving, and giving you additional data when re-reviewing footage. You’ll have all the information you need to help your students learn, right at your fingertips.