Blackvue Micro SD Memory Card 32GB to 256GB


Blackvue microSD cards are MLC compliant and designed specifically for BLACKVUE Dash Cams and quick transfers to your computer.  All Blackvue microSD cards come with a 6 month warranty

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Dashcams in general are quite heavy users of memory cards as they are always writing – TLC memory cards are commonly used in devices such as phones or media players where they are mainly
reading, but they are not so well suited to writes and will fail earlier than MLC or even SLC cards.

If you don’t do much driving then you’ll probably never have an issue with your TLC memory cards. However if you have got a BLACKVUE Dash Cam that has parking modes or is recording full time
then at some point you’ll probably come across these issues.

True MLC based cards usually carry a price premium as they are a higher quality product that will last longer and usually have a longer warranty.

TLC is cheaper and less reliable. Manufacturers increased storage density by putting more information (3 bits/cell) into a memory cell but sacrifices durability. MLC costs more money and is far more durable because it stores less information per cell (2 bits/cell) so wear and tear is greatly reduced.

Flash Memory – It Eventually Fails

Writing data to a SD card physically and permanently damages the NAND chip. Overtime this causes the SD card to fail which can write lock the card preventing your dash camera from recording. TLC cards can overwrite itself 500 times before experiencing failures, a MLC card between 1500 to 3000 times.

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16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB