Neo9 Battery Pack


  • High capacity battery to keep the Blackvue Dash Cam active whilst parked
  • Compatible with 12 Volt vehicles
  • Neo Battery Manager app for both iOS and Android based mobile devices to advise the charge remaining in the battery.
  • Can be hard wired or connected to the cigar lighter socket


This optional addition should be considered if you want your BlackVue to continue to operate when the vehicle is turned off. This is a secondary battery and does not affect the performance of your vehicle battery in any way. This product can be self-installed to the cigar lighter socket or hard wired into the fuse box. If the latter, we would recommend that it is fitted by a professional auto electrician.

Simple or Hard Wired Installation

  • For a hard wired installation connect the battery to the fuse panel.
    Charging current: 9A – Charging time: approx. 40 minutes

Compatible with 12V Vehicles

Neo Battery Manager App

  • The Neo Battery App for both iOS and Android based devices connects your mobile device with the battery via a Bluetooth link
  • When charging, the app displays charge percentage, charging voltage and expected remaining time until full charge
  • When ignition is turned off, the app informs you of the expected Parking Mode time remaining until depletion, based on the dashcam’s power consumption

Battery Expansion Capability

  • You can connect an Expansion Battery to the Neo9 to increase your capacity to 15, 600Wh and therefore Parking Mode time
  • The Cellink EXT7 can store up to 6600mAh of power, so 10% more power than the Neo6 Battery
  • Up to 5 Expansion Battery units can be connected in sequence to provide even larger capacity

• Battery Cell Type : LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
• Colour / Size / Weight : Black / 157mm (W) x 243mm (L) x 39.5mm (H) / 1.8kg
• Input Voltage / Current :
– Hardwired: 12V – 17V / 15A (max)
• Charging Voltage / Current :
– Hardwired: 14.6V / 12A
• Charging Time :
– Hardwired (rapid 9A charging): Approx. 40 mins
• Hours of Use : Up to 68 hours (based on a single dashcam that consumes 2.4Wh)
• Operating Temperature:
– Charging Temperature: 0° − 45°C (32° − 113°F)
– Discharging Temperature: -10° − 60°C (14°F − 140°F)
– Storage Temperature: -10° − 35°C (-14°F − 95°F)
• High Temperature Cut-Off : Approx. 80°C (176°F)
• Capacity : 12.8V / 9,000mAh / 115.2Wh
• Output Voltage / Current :
Dashcam port: 11V – 14.5 V / 2A (max)