Polarizing filter set for BlackVue 900S Series front


  • Easy clip to add to the front camera
  • Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL) to reduce glare and reflections
  • Coating includes anti UV treatment


The Polarizing Filter Clip for the front Blackvue DR900S Series helps reduce glare. It will revive colours, for example a lawn appears as pale green because the blades of grass reflect the cloudy sky, with a polarizer you remove the glare on the grass and you have green grass. You will also have deeper, darker blue skies depending on the angle of the sun compared to the camera.

The Polarizer Filter Clip will reduce glare, glare on the dashboard and on the road when the sun is facing away. By using a polarized filter when recording with your BlackVue you will significantly reduce the reflections of reflective surfaces whether it is water, the windshield of a car, snow or ice.

The filter also has anti-UV treatment. The Polarizer Filter Clip is already set at the factory for vertical polarization.