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Blackvue DR590


The most affordable model of the Blackvue lineup, the DR590 is nevertheless a highly capable dash cam that stands head and shoulders above most other dash cams on the market. With a range of advanced features and capabilities, and built to Blackvue’s exacting specifications, the DR590 is a solid, reliable choice for any driver.

The Blackvue DR590 is available in a range of configurations and options to suit your individual needs. The base model is a great option, providing full HD footage up to 60fps for crisp, sharp recordings of important details like number plates even at high speed. Additional optional features such as infrared capability, dual channel coverage, built-in WiFi, GPS and more make the DR590 a great choice for drivers with additional requirements, such as regular night-time drivers, taxi drivers, driving instructors, and more.

Like all Blackvue cameras, the DR590 can also be specified with one of BlackVue’s Power Magic parking options, to provide full protection and peace of mind even when away from your vehicle, and we offer custom installation on all vehicle types to ensure your dash cam is professionally fitted and fully operational.

Nobody ever wants to have an accident, but in the unfortunate incident that you or your car is ever involved in one, you can rest in the knowledge that your Blackvue has got you covered.



As with all Blackvue cameras’ the DR590 comes fully equipped with advanced SONY STARVIS technology as standard, which automatically boosts ISO sensitivity as the day darkens. This ensures your dash cam provides superior footage quality and clarity, even in low-light conditions where traditional dash cams struggle.

Automated Functionality

The DR590 features built-in impact detection and automatically saves data to ensure critical incident footage is stored safely and securely. If fitted with the optional Power Magic for use in parking mode, the DR590 will also detect and save footage in the event that it detects movement or an impact.

Dash cam footage can provide invaluable, irrefutable evidence in the event of a disputed claim, and could potentially save you thousands in insurance costs and damages. You can rest assured knowing that, should you need it, your footage will be there.

User-Friendly Interface System

The DR590 comes with Blackvue’s proprietary user software that makes using your dash cam and managing files simple and easy. The user interface and the DR590’s 360 degree rotation allows you to fine-tune the camera’s setup for the perfect angle. Video files are marked accordingly so that you can easily find the relevant ones in the BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS or the BlackVue App for Android and iOS.

Built-In Wifi

Integrated wireless capability (DR590W models only) ensures access to your footage from a mobile device, allowing you to immediately view footage through the Blackvue app in the event of an incident or an event you need to review. This makes the DR590W perfect for driving instructors helping pupils to spot their mistakes.

Infrared Capability

Optional infrared cameras provide unmatched footage clarity at night time, ideal for regular night time drivers, and perfect for taxi drivers, where rowdy behaviour of passengers can be both a major nuisance and a costly expense. IR capability is more than most drivers need, but if you’re one of those that do, this additional capability is invaluable.

Optimised File Management System

Blackvue’s proprietary Adaptive Format-Free File Management System improves recording stability and reduces the need for Micro SD Card formatting and increasing the life of your card. The DR590 supports Micro SD Cards up to 256GB.

Speed & Location Tracking

All DR590 models can be specced with optional GPS functionality. The module records vehicle speed and location for extra valuable data and context to your footage, and can be played back in the Blackvue App or on the Blackvue Viewer.