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Blackvue DR900X

The flagship model of the Blackvue range, the DR900X is the last word in dash cam technology. Providing unrivalled footage quality in 4K ultra HD, and packed with advanced technology like built-in WiFi and GPS as standard, the DR900X is all the dash cam you will ever need.

Your car is one of your most valuable assets, and the DR900X gives it the protection it deserves. The ultra-high definition, extra-wide angle camera guarantees high quality capturing of any incident. Dash cam footage can provide invaluable, irrefutable evidence in the event of a disputed claim, and could potentially save you thousands in insurance costs and damages – paying for themselves many times over.

The DR900X can also be specified with one of BlackVue’s Power Magic parking options, to provide full protection and peace of mind even when away from your vehicle, and we offer custom installation on all vehicle types to ensure your dash cam is professionally fitted and fully operational.

Accidents are an unwelcome but unavoidable possibility. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that, should the worst ever happen to your pride and joy, you’re protected by the ultimate in cutting-edge dash cam technology.


Unrivalled 4K Footage Quality

The 4K, Ultra-HD camera of the DR900X captures 30fps footage in unmatched detail – at four times the resolution of even full HD footage. Each image contains an incredible 8.3 million pixels, meaning that the DR900X is able to record video clips that are exceptionally high in detail, perfect for freeze-frames of critical information such as licence plates.

Exceptional Wide Angle Coverage

The ultra-wide 162° viewing angle of the front-facing dash cam means that you’ll capture more of the road than is possible with traditional dash cams, retaining potentially crucial details that would otherwise have been lost. With the DR900X, you’ll never miss an angle again.

Best-In-Class Compression Technology

Higher definition video means a larger file size, which could eat into your available recording size. Not so with the DR900X. The DR900X Series features H.265, also called High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the leading standard in 4K recording and broadcasting. With H.265, 4K UHD video file size is similar to that of Full HD H.264. In other words, you get 4 times bigger and better images without sacrificing recording time.

Secure Cloud Storage & Live Remote Access

The DR900X comes with built-in wireless capability as standard. The integrated dual-band WiFi ensures your important footage can be uploaded seamlessly to the cloud, ready for instantaneous access and review. You can even access the live feed from any device, giving you peace of mind and helping to keep your vehicle safe – wherever you’ve parked it.


The DR900X boasts advanced SONY STARVIS technology as standard. STARVIS automatically boosts ISO sensitivity as the day darkens, ensuring your dash cam provides superior footage quality and clarity even in low-light conditions. Where traditional dash cams struggle, the DR900X shines.

Automated Functionality

With its built-in impact detection, the DR900X will automatically save data to ensure critical incident footage is stored safely and securely. Similarly, when in parking mode (Power Magic EZ or Power Magic Pro required), the DR900X will check for movement or impacts. So, should your car be driven or even broken into, your footage will be saved – potentially saving you thousands of pounds in claims.

Complete Coverage

The dual channel variants of the DR900X provide comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.
While the front mounted, 8MP main camera records everything in front of the car in 4K, the secondary, full-HD camera can be mounted to cover the rear (or the interior if you work as a chauffeur or taxi driver). Should you be hit by a vehicle from behind or suffer from rowdy passenger behaviour, you’ll have the evidence. We would generally recommend professional installation to ensure both cameras are synched correctly.

Speed & Location Tracking

All DR900 models feature GPS tracking functionality as standard. Your dash cam records vehicle speed and location for extra valuable data and context to your footage, and can be played back in Blackvue App or on the Blackvue Viewer.

Infrared Capability

Optional infrared cameras provide unmatched footage clarity at night time, ideal for regular night time drivers, and perfect for taxi drivers, where rowdy behaviour of passengers can be both a major nuisance and a costly expense. IR capability is more than most drivers need, but you’re one of those that do, this additional capability is invaluable.

Optimised File Management System

Blackvue’s proprietary Adaptive Format-Free File Management System improves recording stability and reduces the need for Micro SD Card formatting and increasing the life of your card. The DR900X supports Micro SD Cards up to 256GB.