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How do I connect to the camera with my Smart Phone?

This is a very helpful YouTube tutorial explaining how to connect directly with your Blackvue Dash Cam from your smart phone either iOS or Android based. The camera is connected on a peer to peer basis, which means that no internet is available to your mobile.

How do I connect to the cloud?

Here is a YouTube Clip which shows and explains how to set up connection via the Cloud. You will need a 4G / Wi-Fi Dongle

What do voice guide phrases exactly mean?

“BlackVue for your safe driving.” – BlackVue system start
“Starting normal recording.” – Normal recording is on
“The BlackVue is now shutting down.” – BlackVue system shutdown
“Parking mode enable.” – Parking mode is on
“Parking mode disable.” – Parking mode is off
“No SD card. Please insert the SD card.” – No SD card in the slot
“Please Check the SD card.” – BlackVue cannot recognize the SD card/SD card not
responding/SD card reading, writing or erasing error/SD card writing speed is too slow so it
is unable to record videos
“The version information is different.” – System language is different/Config version is
“Normal recording disable.” – Normal recording is off
“Upgrading the BlackVue. Please do not turn off the power.” – Update is being installed
“Restarting the BlackVue.” – Restart after update installation
“Resetting the time.” – System time is being adjusted
“The model information is different.” – Different model/Version number cannot be read
from the SD card file
“Initializing the SD card.” – No version information on the SD card, initialization
“No setting information in SD card.” – No config file
“Invalid system configuration.” – Config file is broken

Can BlackVue firmware be updated via BlackVue app?

Yes, it’s possible, however prior to firmware update you have to format the SD card on your computer using SD Card Formatter. It is better to go to then support then downloads and load the updated firmware on to the original 16GB Card. Once update they can use large cards. But it is important to format the card prior to inserting into camera You will need the original 16GB Micro SD Card. Download the .Insert your 16GB Card into the PC and format using the program.

Rear Camera is not working

Check that the connectors of the ends of the interconnecting cable are intact. If not it could be that the centre pin is lodged in the front or rear camera and needs to be removed. Purchase a new interconnecting cable and all should be okay. If this does not cure the problem then rear camera or front camera is defective. If in warranty and purchased from Baros Technology Ltd please contact the office for the RMA process to follow. If out of warranty please contact the office and Baros can outline the repair process.

How can an SD card get worn out?

An SD card gets worn out when it goes through many read-write cycles which may cause errors. Those errors unaddressed may seriously damage an SD card. So, we recommend to format your SD card using our SD Formatter every week or at least every 2-3 weeks. Also after formatting it is strongly recommended to update the firmware. Always switch off the power prior to taking the SD card out of your BlackVue.

Camera says no SD card or please check SD card

This could mean that the camera or the SD Card is faulty. To test insert the original 16GB Card to see if the fault occurs. If it does then it is the camera that is faulty. If it doesn’t then it is the camera that is faulty. If in warranty and purchased from Baros Technology Ltd please contact the office for the RMA process to follow. If out of warranty please contact the office and Baros can outline the repair process.

Camera keeps restarting

Please check that an official Blackvue memory card is being used. Insert the original 16GB Card supplied to see if the same fault occurs. If it doesn’t then there is fault with their memory card, which will need replacing

Is there a power button on BlackVue?

No, there isn’t. BlackVue automatically switches on when connect it to power supply either via cigar jack or to an uninterrupted power supply, PowerMagic Pro or cigar lighter socket

How to play a recorded file

BlackVue recordings are saved in MP4 format so that you can easily play the recorded files using a general video player (PC, smart phone or navigation) without file format conversion.

What are the options to enable Parking Mode

Power Magic Pro or Power Magic EZ is a device that supplies power to BlackVue from car battery according to the configured voltage or the configured timer to prevent the battery of the vehicle being discharged. Alternatively you can use a secondary Battery such as the Ultra Battery Pack which provides power to the camera system when parked. The battery is re-charged whilst driving. By using this method means that the main vecle battery is not used in Parking Mode.

Installation location for BlackVue

Attach the BlackVue camera system to a windshield of your car using double-sided tape provided in the kit

How long does it have warranty period?

The warranty of BlackVue is 1 year from the purchase date.

Does the angle automatically rotate 360°

Main body is manually rotated 360°. It records vehicle’s interior.
User can install it to vehicle rear window, and it records rear shot as well.