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The Dashcam for Truck Drivers

Did you know that HGV mileage has almost doubled since the 1950s, despite there being fewer licensed HGVs on the road? With so much driving, it’s inevitable that accidents will happen, so it’s more important than ever to protect your drivers and your fleet with dashcams.

Dashcams are a great way to protect yourself against insurance disputes and legal cases in the event of an accident, as well as against theft and other incidents when the HGV is parked.

With the size of trucks and lorries, however, a regular car dashcam just won’t cut it. That’s why Blackvue have released the DR750S 2CH Truck model – specifically designed for truck drivers and HGV fleet operators.

This rugged, weatherproof, dual-channel dashcam provides extensive front and rear coverage, with advanced technology including GPS monitoring and low-light capabilities – making this a sensible investment for your fleet that could well save you thousands of pounds and a lot of headaches!


Full HD exterior coverage

The front facing dashcam records in 1080p full HD, capturing every incident in full detail. The 60fps frame rate delivers smooth footage and reduced motion blur, meaning that every detail (like license plates) remain crisp and clear, even at high speeds – perfect for those motorway miles.

SONY STARVIS technology

HGV drivers work all hours, often late at night, where traditional dashcams struggle to cope. As with all Blackvue dashcams, the DR750S Truck dashcam features SONY STARVIS technology, allowing crisp footage even in low-light conditions. For even more effective performance in dark environments, the DR750S-2CH Truck additionally features the new ‘Enhanced Night Vision’ mode. When activated, it boosts the ISO sensitivity in low light, allowing exceptional recording quality in minimal light conditions. This makes it ideal for the night-time driving conditions your drivers are likely to experience.

Infrared rear recording

Attached to the rear of your truck or van, the ruggedised rear camera provides clear footage, even at night. The luminosity sensor automatically detects ambient brightness and activates the six infrared lights, switching to full IR mode. This captures any potential incidents at the rear of the HGV in full-HD, even at nighttime.

Weatherproof Hardware

British weather is notorious, and with all the miles they clock up, HGV driver see more of it than most. With its metal waterproof, casing the rear camera of the DR750S-2CH TRUCK is built to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions, while the waterproof coaxial cable guarantees pristine footage even at a distance. Blackvue’s tough technology means your fleet will benefit from high-quality protection, day after day, whatever the weather.

WiFi and Cloud Technology

Enjoy complete peace of mind with Blackvue’s built-in WiFi and Cloud functionality. Upload important videos to the cloud where they’ll never be lost, and access them anytime, any place with the Blackvue App. Blackvue Cloud lets you communicate with your drivers and operators using the built in camera and microphone, for real-time fleet management.

GPS Capability

Blackvue’s built-in GPS capability adds location and speed data to your footage for fleet monitoring and management. Data can be tailored to mph or kmph, and can be re-reviewed later in the Blackvue app.

Intelligent Parking Mode Monitoring

Protect your vehicles even when they are stationary. Long haul HGV drivers often have to park up and rest for extended periods of time – and the DR750S TRUCK dashcam is designed with that in mind. When in Parking Mode, advanced sensors detect both motion and impacts, so the camera only writes data to the memory card when something happens. This reduces the risk chance of important files being overwritten during long parking sessions and extends the lifespan of the memory card.